JusticeXchange (JX) is a web-based data sharing program which allows Sheriffs and other select law enforcement agencies in New York State to share correction history throughout the state and with other participating states. Its data is populated from county jail management systems into a central repository. It is a useful tool to both corrections and law enforcement. The Association administers the site statewide for all New York users.



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What Is JusticeXchange?

Criminal justice agencies across the nation face a common challenge: developing and maintaining an integrated justice solution that provides staff with fast, easy access to the information they need to do their jobs effectively. JusticeXchange, an information-sharing solution for criminal justice agencies nationwide, provides instant access to information about current and former offenders held in jails throughout the country. All of this information is available to authorized criminal justice agencies through a secure Web Portal.

Who Can Use JusticeXchange in New York?

Approved licensees authorized by the New York State Sheriffs’ Association or the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. Data is submitted to the system by all New York county jails including Westchester and NYCDOC. Other agencies within the state are allowed access for the purposes of searching data, posting watches, creating wanted posters, and a variety of other features.

How Does JusticeXchange Work?

JusticeXchange receives data from agencies that book and house offenders through automated interfaces to their existing jail management systems. This data is collected in near real time and is stored at a central location to allow other participating agencies to perform searches. In addition to data gathered through interfaces, agencies are allowed to add behavioral information for offenders housed in their facility and add persons of interest directly into the JusticeXchange database.

What Does JusticeXchange Provide?

JusticeXchange provides users with the ability to do the following:

• Search for historical and currently incarcerated offender information in participating facilities from over 30 states (currently 85% of all jail beds nationwide).
• Create a ‘watch’ to be notified by e-mail of an offender’s booking and/or release.
• Add behavioral information about currently incarcerated offenders to the database
• Add persons of interest to the database

Accessing JusticeXchange Site

JusticeXchange can be accessed via the Internet by going to www.justicexchange.com. For more information on how to access JusticeXchange in New York, please contact Charles J. Gallo, NYS-JX Administrator at cgallo@nysheriffs.org.



JX Success Stories in New York


JX Watch Feature Locates a Non-Compliant Sex Offender

Major David Jock, Chief Deputy of the Patrol Division of the Clinton County Sheriff's Department, was looking for a level three sex offender who was wanted on a felony charge of failing to file an address change for over nine months. Jock set up this offender on a watch and received a hit showing he was booked into a jail four hours away in Onondaga County. He has sent the warrant to the jail where the offender is being held and is waiting for him to clear his new charges before being sent back to Clinton County for prosecution.

I would strongly urge law enforcement to utilize the JusticeXchange program. Agencies can search jail inmate rosters in real-time in several states and notify you when a person of interest is incarcerated, whether you have a case pending or have an actual warrant. This type of program is not offered anywhere else.

- Major David Jock, June 2006

New York Parole Absconder Caught in Georgia

Charles Sears, Parole Officer with the Absconder Search Unit of the New York State Division of Parole, had been looking for a male who had been classified as a parole absconder for six months. He used the watch feature and received the notice that the male was arrested in Dekalb County in Georgia. He then looked up his booking photo and was able to verify that he was the one he had been looking for. He immediately notified DeKalb County jail and advised them that he was wanted by New York State Parole, and he would be extraditing him back to New York.
I have used JusticeXchange in the past, and it has proven to be a very effective tool. Now, I can say that it helped me catch a very dangerous parole absconder, so I am a true believer in its capabilities. Thank you for the service that you provide.

- Charles Sears, February 2007