UPDATE: Review of New Court Cases Affecting Sheriffs' Offices


UPDATE includes reviews of court cases and administrative opinions on issues dealing with law enforcement, corrections, civil process, court security, labor/management issues, civil rights, and other issues of interest to Sheriffs and their staffs. Many counties use UPDATE as part of their roll-call or other training provided to deputy sheriffs and correction officers.We provide a review of recent court decisions affecting the many areas of our Sheriffs' Offices.  Decisions from state and federal courts are inlcuded.  Currently, we send this these UPDATES to over 500 Sheriffs, Undersheriffs, staff members and others in county government.  They are issued 4-6 times each year.  If you have any questions about these cases, or if you think a local case decision should be included in a future edition, please contact Thomas Mitchell at tmitchell@nysheriffs.org



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